Serving All & Egypt Relief Fund
Serving All & Egypt Relief Fund

EGYPT 2018

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Melad Kelada

In 1993, God called Mr. Melad Kelada to Ministry. Following the Lord Jesus' example, Melad preached and taught God`s Word in more than 33 countries around the world, while working  on the M..V. Doulos.


In 2007, Mr. Kelada started teaching God`s Word through media & TV channels dedicated to leading and strengthen individuals, groups and churches who are actively engaged around the world to leading the lost to salvation through Christ Jesus. Melad believes this is best accomplished around the world by receiving the Holy Spirit, empowering believers to act as living witnesses by giving testimony to local communities.

In 2015, Mr. Kelada began distributing generous donations, given by faithful ministry partners to persecuted Christians in Egypt.

Pastor Leray Hayne 

Mr. Melad models his work on that performed by Philip the evangelist. In Acts 6, Philip was one of the seven men of good reputation, full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom, who was selected to serve the physical needs of underserved believers. As a result of his work, the Bible, in Acts 21:8, referred to Philip as an evangelist. Mr. Melad carries on this tradition today.


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