Serving All & Egypt Relief Fund
Serving All & Egypt Relief Fund

EGYPT 2018

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What our Church leaders say about us

"In the Name of the father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, one God, Amen

Since “Serving All” Ministry started in Minya – Egypt It was a physical / Spiritual blessing for many people. Supplying their financial needs have helped them to grow spiritually and it helped in saving many other soles that came to the Lord. This ministry started in June 2015 helping around 103 families each month. The amount of funds we have distributed in the past month was (call for details ) and we were communicating threw the Internet."

 Mr. Ayman Hanna -“ERF” Ministry representative in Minya-Egypt

Pentecostal church  




Beloved brothers / “Serving All” Ministry partners:

Peace to you from God of Peace and the Lord our Savior Jesus Christ for Him all the Glory forever Amen.

We would like to inform you that this Ministry started on June 2015, we started by helping about 30 families with 100 – 250 Egyptian Pound in average, the Lord has blessed the ministry and grew to help about 45 families, the number of servants are (4) and we send monthly support to ministers some are full timers, pastors and lay men. We are looking forward to increase the number of ministers and pastors who are receiving financial blessings to (6) people. “Serving all” has helped (Fund distributions) in church growth, women, widows and the needy who has life testimony about this blessed ministry

We are expecting that the Lord will increase the financial blessing that He sends especially in the month that has holy festivals, seasons and in the beginnings of school years. Our God who started this Ministry He will make it grow to bear more and more fruits.

Remember us in your prayers so that God will be glorified in our lives and services.

Accept our greetings in the name of our Savior"

Mr. Samy Bolos – “ERF” Ministry representative in Alexandria / Egypt




Our beloved and partners of “Serving All” Ministry

I am the Ministry representative in Asyut – Egypt

My Name is Maged Leyoun Israel Kaltah

I serve with “ERF” ministry alongside the apostolic Church located in Ezba Al-Malgaa   

The Ministry stared in Asyut city in December 2015

We have distributed funds to more than 40 families in the second apostolic church in the west of the city. And to other 40 families at the Fateh Center (The apostolic church at Ezba Al-Malgaa)

During that time we have distributed : call for details 

During that time, This Ministry has great impact on needy people life, all people sensed the Lord`s presence and His love for His people to supply their needs that drew them closer to the Lord to be saved" 

Mr. Maged Leyoun – “ERF” Ministry representative in Asyut / Egypt 




Name: Adel Yousef Khalil

Serving through: Khalas El-Nefous organization in Fayoum

The date we start partnering: 6/3/2015

“Serving All” Ministry has impacted many lives of God`s People in Fayoum and they felt that God did not forgotten them in their hard circumstances causing them to grow spiritually and the number of church meetings attendant grew as well and they were encouraged to share many of their testimonies of how God provides aids to bless His people and shepherd His church as the good shepherd

Number of Families received support: 178

Amount has been distributed               : call for details




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